Our mission is to bridge between all that there is, and all that can be
“It is not your call to complete the task of perfecting the world, but neither are you free to desist from it.” (The Mishna) We’re here to do our part
The Menomadin Group is an impact-oriented, value-enhancing business leader
We own, craft and operate highly successful ventures
Anything that we can imagine - we can create
As a brand and a portfolio, the Menomadin Group stands for value, in the purest sense of the word
We have an active approach to optimism
We dream of a bright future, and we make it our business to
realise it
We trust our instincts when it comes to big,
bold ideas
We invest in projects that are conceived out of consideration and concern for our collective future
Assembling tomorrow from particles of promise
The Menomadin Group is part of a mission-driven ecosystem of businesses and organisations pursuing a shared purpose
We embody grit that enables us to pursue our passions indefinitely into the future
The Menomadin Group has the power to unveil oases where others have stopped looking
We find the life in a barren desert
We’re not about just finding the next good deal
We are treasure hunters
There will always be a brilliant idea waiting to be discovered, nourished, and brought to life
We have an appetite for
doing business
Creating something from nothing
Leaving a better place for future generations
We invest
in communities,
in dreams,
and in people
There is nothing more important to us than to leave a better world in the hands of our children
We work with our hands, our minds, and our hearts
What keeps us going? It’s simple, we strive to seek and enhance the brilliance in our world, and our fuel is the fail-proof combination of vision and grit

The Mitrelli Group


Mitrelli is an international Group of specialized companies with an accumulated vast experience in developing countries, that initiates, designs, executes and operates large-scale, long-term sustainable turnkey projects, providing financial solutions where required.

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Large-Scale Urban Communities


This project is about the creation of 11 different urban communities, with modern facilities, infrastructure and all the services required for families to live and flourish.

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The Menomadin Foundation


Menomadin Foundation supports change-makers, united by their commitment to achieving inclusive international development as outlined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To bring about significant social change, the Foundation combines impact-oriented business activities with philanthropic endeavors.

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Fish Farm Center in Cuando Cubango


This complete production cycle fish farm center is about social and economic growth. It’s about enhancing food security, while developing an industry that creates direct and indirect employment. It’s about contributing to a nation's economic growth.

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Water for All in Angola


This ambitious project enables 62 remote villages throughout Angola with their own clean drinking water supply networks, washing facilities, and sanitation systems.

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A World-Class Bulk Grain Terminal


This two-phase turnkey project includes a grain terminal, storage and packaging facilities. In the second phase, an adjacent bulk fertilizer terminal will be added.

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Better Health Care for All


This project is about improving the accessibility of rural and remote communities throughout Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) to high quality, modern and affordable health services, by building hundreds of new clinics and renovating existing ones.

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Mitrelli International Business Developmen


Mitrelli International is an agile business development practice that specializes in B2G ventures, providing insight into fast evolving markets and emerging opportunities in developing countries.

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Water for All in Côte d’Ivoire


This project aims to positively impact the lives of thousands of people leading a traditional lifestyle in 95 rural and remote villages throughout Ivory Coast, by supplying them with safe drinking water and sanitation infrastructure.

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Haim Taib

Founder and President

Haim Taib is a self-made entrepreneur, whose limitless vision and determination have driven him to unparalleled achievements. He crafted numerous international businesses, alongside philanthropic endeavors, all striving to impact reality in a positive and sustainable way. Coming to great success from humble beginnings , Haim is guided by the moral obligation to elevate underprivileged communities in the countries in which he operates.

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Amir Witkon

VP and General Counsel

Amir serves as a member of the senior executive team of the group, responsible for Legal and Compliance.

He formerly served as a senior partner at a leading Israeli law firm, where he worked for 20 years, primarily on international transactions, M&As, corporate law, High-Tech, and complicated domestic and cross-border litigation.

Amir Holds an LL.B from Brunel University (England) and an LL.M from Bar Ilan University (Israel), which he completed with Summa cum Laude.

Humberto Gonҫalves

VP and Executive Director

Humberto is responsible for setting up the management’s directives, establishing internal procedures and overseeing transactions with third parties. He is the legal representative of all Menomadin Group companies, responsible for financial compliance matters, and serves in both the Board of Directors and the Investment Committee.

Prior to joining the group in 2010, Humberto has held roles at the top management of several companies. He began his legal oriented career as owner of a private practice, providing legal services to both private and business clients.

Humberto holds a solicitor degree and post-grad specializations in the principles of Registry and Notarial Law, both from Coimbra University (Portugal).

Shoham Lavan


As Menomadin Group’s Chief Financial Officer and a member of the senior executive team, Shoham manages all aspects of finance.

With over 20 years of experience in corporate finance and strategy, Shoham is an expert in financial analysis, strategic business planning, budget management, and risk management. He also serves as CFO of the Menomadin Foundation.

Shoham holds a BA in Economics with a specialization in Finance from the College of Management and an MBA with a specialization in Finance from the University of Derby, England.

Aiman Mansour, PhD

VP for Business Development in the Middle East and North Africa

Aiman leads the group’s business development activity in the MENA region.

Aiman served almost 13 years in the Israeli National Security Council, where his last post was Head of the Middle East and Africa Division. During which time he was also the Prime Minister`s personal envoy’s Aid and Liaison Officer to regional interlocuters. Prior to joining the NSC, Aiman served in the IDF Intelligence Corps.

Aiman holds a PhD in political science from the University of Haifa (Israel), and is currently a research fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security (JISS).

Isabel Serrano

Head of Compliance

Isabel has over 20 years’ experience in international law and compliance. She has been responsible for all compliance and corporate matters of Menomadin’s affiliates in the different jurisdictions in which they operate, for the past nine years.
She began her corporate career as an in-house lawyer for a renewable energies company, having later moved on to Africa where she worked for a construction group.
Isabel holds a Law degree from the University of Coimbra (Portugal) and an MBA for Jurists from the Oporto Catholic University (Portugal).

Frank Wilper

Chief Investment Officer
Legal Counsel and Compliance Officer

Frank oversees all legal and compliance matters for the Menomadin Group.

Previously, Frank established his own M&A boutique company, Getting It Done LTD., where he served family owned businesses in Legal and M&A matters. Prior to that, Frank oversaw Legal and M&A for two multinational family owned businesses in Switzerland for nearly 10 years.

Frank holds a law degree with Honors from the University of Freiburg (Germany) and a Master of International Business Law from the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland).

Jacek Olszewski


Jacek is responsible for the cash flow management of the Group, payment processes, bank relations, investments, financing, and cash stability.

Jacek holds over 15 years of treasury experience in multinational companies. He started out as an analyst at Daimler, and worked his way up to the Fiat Group as an Assistant Treasurer and a Front Office dealer. Following becoming a Group Treasurer, Jacek was leading successful treasury teams responsible for financing, investments, implementing payment factory and several treasury systems.

Jacek has a BA from National Louis University (U.S), an MSc from the University of London’s Birkbeck College and a postgraduate from Kozminski University (Poland).

Yoram Benita

Head of communication and Public Relations

Leading the flow of communication between the group and the media.

Previously, Yoram served for eighteen years in the Israeli civil service, as a Journalist, storyteller, filmmaker, and director in the Prime Minister's Office. He was the founder and first manager of the filming department at the Government Press Office and worked with seven Prime Ministers in the field of visual communication for television and digital media.

Yoram holds a BA degree in Political Science, and an MA in Administration and Public Policy, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel).

Alexander Bofelli


As Senior Financial Controller of Menomadin Liechtenstein, Alexander is responsible for the finance and accounting matters of the Liechtenstein based companies and its subsidiaries. Additionally, he oversees Human Resources within the Liechtenstein team.

Alexander has 15 years’ experience in the international financial world, with expertise in accounting, taxes, VAT, social insurances, and human resources.

Prior to joining The Menomadin Group, he served as Head of Finance and Accounting at a renowned Liechtenstein Trust company for nearly 10 years. Alexander is a Swiss certified expert in Finance and Accounting.

Ayelet Greenberg

Digital Content Manager

Ayelet is leading the Menomadin Group’s digital content strategy. She manages the websites, produces content, and oversees design, programing, maintenance, SEO, and digital marketing.

In her prior position at a leading Bank, she served as manager, editor and UX writer of the bank’s high-profile apps and websites, serving over a million users. Her previous experiences include writing and editing positions in journalism, as well as public relations representation for leading companies.

Ayelet holds a BA in Behavioral Sciences from Ben Gurion University (Israel) and a master’s degree in Labour Studies, with distinction, from the University of Tel Aviv (Israel).


Enablers of Innovation

We invest in the foundations needed to support sustainable, long-lasting collaborations with our partners.

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Profits Sustain Purpose

We manage multi-stakeholder operations, minimising complexity and maximising outcomes in highly dynamic environments.

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Seeking Synergies

We oversee the performance of our subsidiaries, leveraging operational synergies and seeking competitive results across asset classes.

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SDG - Driven Businesses: Aligning Profits with Purpose

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